How to Handle Being Laid Off due to Covid-19

I’ve talked to several people out there that have been laid off due to Covid-19. It’s not easy to deal with. Most importantly, it’s not necessarily your fault. There are sooooooo many talented individuals out there that are in the same boat. Stay positive and things will pick back up! Try not to let it get you down. Instead, try to take the opportunity to better yourself and reassess your goals. Jobs will come back. And to my automotive professionals, let’s face it – cars aren’t going anywhere so automotive will pick up one way or another. Instead of falling into the self loathing thoughts of “why me” try to understand that it’s not just you – it’s a huge number of people out there. It’s not because you were terrible at your job, it’s because of budget cuts and downward business trends. Stay optimistic and create your own narrative. You weren’t “fired” you were “laid off due to Covid downsizing.” In the automotive business, professionals rarely have time off. Embrace it. Don’t take it personally. Move on to the bigger and better. Things will look up. Stay positive. We’re all in this together!

For some further insights into dealing with the emotional impact of being laid off check out this great article from the NYT.